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    Host a successful celebration with these themes and appropriate games for the guests to play at a shower. Everyone including the bride-to-be, will have fun taking part in the activities and remember what a great time they had. So be sure to include some suitable activities when you are planning the celebrations, to add some fun to the occasion.
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  • Everyone will be more at ease when they join in the Ice-breakers here. The playing instructions include ideas for simple prizes for the contestants to win and the printables are easy for any of the players to be a winner. There are guessing games and quizzes with lists of questions and answers provided which may puzzle some of the players. These activities are free, including printable bingo cards and will be of help to you if you are hosting on a budget. Also find information on choosing and making wedding favors.

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    Our free free games and articles are certain to make your project easier! They include bridal bingo, word scramble, themes, & more:

    Free Bridal Shower Games that are going to break the ice for the guests & really bring the party to life. Bridal Shower Themes Try one of these themes to help you organize the party and create a great atmosphere that everyone will love. Shower Recipes Give your guests some delicious snacks to nibble at the party, with these simple to prepare finger food recipes. How To Make Towel Cakes Add to the appearance of the shower table by following the instructions on how to make a towel cake centerpiece. Bridal Shower Bingo Just print this popular game for free. Wedding Word Scramble This popular game that you can print for the guests to enjoy. Printable Bridal Shower Games that are free for you to print.

    Etiquette Suggestions to help when planning the event. Wedding Centerpieces suggesting some great ideas for table decor. Ideas for Favors Check out these tips and suggestions for favors.

    If you're planning a wedding or shower then take a look around this site for some useful information!

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    The free games for bridal showers on this site will be of help to you in keeping the guests happy and make it a celebration that they will remember with pleasure. The great party themes ideas that you will find here include traditional plus some original themes which include suggestions on suitable gifts and fun activities.

    Try our delicious party finger food recipes to keep the bride and your guests supplied with delicious snacks with these quick and easy finger food ideas.

    If you want a guide to shower etiquette then the information here should give you some tips to assist you in planning the occasion. You'll also find some tips on making table centerpieces with a selection of great instructions and suggestions here. If you are looking for articles on how to make wedding shower favors you will find a wide choice of suggestions on this site.

    The free wedding planning guide should provide some useful hints and reminders on what to do, If you are planning a wedding. So be sure to see our checklist - and maybe prevent any last minute panics!

    The useful wedding shower games suggestions and other shower Ideas will also be of help for a hostess.

    Wedding Shower Favors And Planning Ideas

    Make the planning and hosting a fun shower much easier and more enjoyable with the instructions that we have provided free for you on this site. The wedding shower game articles here include some traditional as well as some original ideas for your guests to play and enjoy.

    Remember that including a selection of activities in with the entertainment will help to break the ice between the friends and family of the bride who may not know each other too well. As well as instructions on how to play the shower contests, they also include some suggestions for prizes for the contestants to win, and ideas on which themes that they would suit.

    Abbee Bingo The activities that are particularly popular would be the wedding bingo that you can print.

    The theme ideas that we have included will help you to organize the party and tell everyone what to expect when they attend the event and give them an idea of what gift they could bring. The food suggestions and recipes will also help you ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and happy time, plus there are instructions on how to make your own party favors for those attending.

    The ideas here on how to host a shower should make the process of organization less stressful and make it easier for you to make the event really enjoyable for your guests. You will be able to create a successful and enjoyable occasion that the bride and the guests will love and remember with pleasure.

    You will find even more information and articles here including etiquette, inexpensive decoration and steps on how to make centerpieces, including towel cakes - and much more. There are poems and other ideas here at, including wording for the invitations and thank you notes when you are contacting the guests. Remember to check out the latest info, as we are regularly adding new articles here.

    Wedding Shower Game Prize Ideas

    Awarding a small gift to the winner of a bridal shower game is a great idea, as it’s a really fun way to encourage your guests to join in an activity and so help to break the ice.

    Shower prizes of course don’t have to be anything expensive.  Candy, a gift card, chocolates, as well as a small homemade gift basket, some cookies, a bottle of wine, and a candle, for example, are just a few favorite ideas for … continue reading…

    Cheap Bridal Shower Favors

    At this time of year there are some great bargains to be had on chocolate, candy, beauty products and trinkets, and lots of other small gift items too, many of which are not … continue reading…

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    And if you have a friend or relation who might need some tips and suggestions on planning or acting as hostess, be sure to let them know about the free wedding shower competitions and themes as well the other tips on this site - It just might help them out.

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