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Lucky Coin Shower Game

Find the lucky Coin is a fun and a really easy to play wedding shower game.

Lucky Coin Wedding Shower Game

To organize, before your guests arrive, simply tape a coin to the underside of a chair. Then, at a suitable point during the party, ask everyone to take a look under the seat of their chair.

The lady who is sitting on the ‘lucky chair’ and finds the hidden coin, is the winner of the game and is awarded a small prize.

Fun ideas for a prize include, the hidden coin – which of course could be of any value you wish, as well as some prettily packaged chocolate coins, a mini piggy bank, a coin purse, and a good luck coin – feng shui coins for example are readily available and would make a great little gift.

In addition, for the bride-to be, a lucky sixpence for her shoe, is a very special keepsake gift idea, and a bridal shower present that she will surely always treasure.

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