Wedding Celebration Fun

Fruit Party Favors

Seasonal fruit can make delicious favors for your shower guests to take home and enjoy; and if you’re lucky enough to have a fruit tree or bush growing in your garden, and it’s a good year for the fruit, then they can be a great money saver too.

Fruit DIY party favors are popular for all kinds of fun events, including for example, for a themed kitchen, garden, farmers market, picnic, and rustic country bridal shower.

Choosing fruit
Depending on the season, you might choose to give your guests, apples or pears, blueberries, cherries, peaches or plums, or perhaps something that ties in with your party theme.

For example you could choose grapes for a wine, vineyard or stock the bar party, tangerines for a Christmas wedding shower and strawberries for an Afternoon Tea.

Recipe cards
Many people also like to include a recipe card.  With apples, for example, a baked apple or an apple pie recipe, would be a good choice, with strawberries a recipe for scones would be lovely, and with blueberries, a blueberry muffin recipe is sure to be popular.

Salad and vegetable favors
Salad and veggie favors are also a nice idea.  Homegrown cherry tomatoes, peas, runner beans and peppers, for instance, are sure to please.

A small selection – pre-pack or Pick-Your-Own?
Another suggestion that you may like to consider, is to say thank you with a nice ‘container’ filled with a small selection of fresh fruit, salad, or veg.  Alternatively you might opt to display a variety of seasonal produce and invite your guests to help themselves.

You will of course need something to hold or wrap your fruit, veggies or salad in.  So here’s a few of our favorite suggestions for cute and practical packaging.

*  berry baskets
*  ice cream or treat cups
*  punnets
*  bags
*  baskets
*  cardboard boxes