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Ideas For Bridal Shower Tea Sandwiches

Fancy finger sandwiches
Finger sandwiches are a great crowd pleaser and a really popular addition to a bridal shower menu.  Tea sandwiches are usually cut into dainty, triangles, fingers, or squares, which are the classic shapes for Afternoon Tea.  However, a fun idea is to use a sandwich or a cookie cutter, to cut them into some fancy, bridal shower, romantic, and wedding themed shapes.  Hearts, umbrellas, flowers, and wedding bells, for example, would be a a great choice.

Party related shapes
You might also cut your sandwiches into other kinds of cute shapes; maybe for instance, keys or houses, for an around the house shower, flowers, watering cans, or butterflies, for a garden bridal shower, or perhaps shapes such as shells or starfish for a beach theme, and teapots and cupcakes for a tea party, or for an afternoon tea.

Tips for making sandwiches
All types of bread can be used to make finger sandwiches, but generally the most popular kind used is a thin or a medium sliced white or brown bread.  Also a really good tip to remember, is to fill your sandwiches before cutting them into fun shapes, or before cutting the crusts off and then into four triangles, three rectangles, or four squares.

Recipe ideas
You’ll find that there are lots of great recipes for tea sandwiches available.  Favorite ideas for sandwich fillings Include, cucumber, cream cheese, smoked salmon, ham, pate, and eggs.  You’ll also find that there are some delicious suggestions for ingredients to add flavor, color and texture, like watercress, mint, radishes, dill, chives, olives, and asparagus.  But before making a final decision as to which recipe to choose, why not ask your family and friends for their favorites.

In addition, if you’d like to see some more easy suggestions for wedding shower finger food, don’t forget to see our recipe pages too.

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