Around the Clock Shower Theme Ideas

Around the Clock Theme Ideas

  • A great way to ensure that a bride-to-be receives a really good range of housewares, is to throw her an Around The Clock Bridal Shower. Organizing this popular theme is easy. Simply assign each guest, an hour, or a general time of the day - say 8am or breakfast. Then ask could they please bring an item associated with their alloted time as a gift.

    Invitations for the Around the clock shower are readily available. These are a great way to let everyone know about your theme, and of course their allocated time. However, you will find that making your own invites can be fun too. You might even write your request in rhyme!

    Simple party decorations, such as balloons, streamers and number balloons, are a really popular choice for this important event. All kinds of clocks, wooden numbers, kitchen timers, egg timers, and table numbers, are also often used as party decor.

    Additionally, many wedding shower hostesses like to choose a table centerpiece, that does double duty - so saving them a little money. For this occasion for example, a clock cake will not only make a great addition to your party decor, it'll contribute to your menu too. Other easy centerpiece ideas include, a vase of beautiful seasonal flowers, and also a clock.


    A buffet comprising of a selection of sweet and savory finger food will also work really well for this celebration. Tea sandwiches, and clock cupcakes, for instance, are sure to please. Number shaped cookies, as well as cookies decorated to look like little clocks, are also sure to be a hit with your guests.

    Plus, arrange some activities with care, and these are certain to create lots of laughter, and some very happy memories too. The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress game for example, is a favorite pick for this affair, but be sure to also see our other fun ideas for games to play at a bridal shower. Send your guests home with prettily presented time themed party favors, and game prizes as well, and your creativity is bound to impress. A few suggestions for little mementos are homemade cookies, number cookie cutters and kitchen timers, small clocks, hourglasses, after dinner mints, and packets of Evening Primrose seeds.

    Finally, don't forget that your guests may ask you for gift ideas for the around the clock shower. If the couple have set up a wedding registry, you can of course refer the guests to that. Alternatively you might recommend for say 7am, an alarm clock, or perhaps some bathroom accessories. For 8am cereal bowls, a toaster, a juicer, and a letter rack; and for 10am a coffee maker, mugs, and some gourmet coffee. For Afternoon Tea, a teapot, and a cake stand, plus bedlinen for nighttime, are presents that will surely be appreciated too. Have a fun time!

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    Themed Bridal Showers

    This is a very popular theme for a shower, which allows for a wide choice of gifts and makes the decision much easier for all those who are invited. When sending invitations to them, allocate each of them an hour of day. If you have a lot of people to invite then you will have to allocate an hour to several of them and they may want communicate to ensure that there are no duplications of gifts. It should be fairly easy for everyone to find a gift relating to an hour or time. The guest is then expected to buy a present for the bride relating to that hour.

    For anyone still looking for other alternative suggestions, that might be fun to include, then the Mad Hatters tea party is one to think about. Many hostesses prefer a much quieter event such as an English tea party or alternatively even an exciting idea such as a mystery quiz to frame the celebrations on. Be sure to look at the Free Bridal themes list plus the tips for the good ideas on how to organize the event. Do check out the There are other practical as well as entertaining ideas such as the honeymoon theme, and the the stock the bar theme as well as the popular plants and gardens shower theme ideas to help you give you some ideas with the hosting. A great idea would be to choose a kitchen theme, which is a traditional option as is the rooms in the house suggestion or a linen event. These themes you going to make the event planning a lot easier for the hostess and the people who will be attending to be part of a fun event that they are going to all remember for a long time. Browse around these articles and you will see some ideas to assist a hostess throw a fun occasion in and result in some useful gifts for the bride and groom.

    When you are hosting the celebrations you should browse this site where there are a fantastic range of wedding planning suggestions that will be useful to you as well as this theme, which is also known as the hours of day shower. The ideas here on for choosing gifts to suit the theme are sure to help you throw a fantastic celebration to delight the bride and impress your invitees. They could include items for the kitchen, the bathroom, bedroom and in fact any room or for the garden. So be certain to vist the helpful ideas in this section, you will see a great choice here to help you plan enjoyable celebrations that everyone will remember for years to come.

    If you want some ideas for creating a great event for the bride then consider using an Around the Clock bridal shower theme to help you with the planning. This is a simple idea that can give everyone a good idea of what the party and gifts are all about. For other theme and if you need some guidance in giving a lovely bridal shower well check out the fun suggestions here on this site to ensure that you in keeping the everyone at the celebrations happy. Our suggestions here for picking gifts for various hours are certain to help you organize a great celebration to help those invited and will please the bride.

    See all of the ideas and suggestions for how to plan a pre wedding event with details for arranging the Around the Clock Themed Shower, and the other hosting articles available right here.