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    Consider throwing a Linen and Lace bridal shower theme event for the bride and make your job of organization much easier. On we have informative wedding articles to help you when hosting a party for the bride. As well as the linens theme, you will discover a really informative range of lace gift suggestions and wedding ideas.

Linen & Lace
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  • Guests are asked on the invitation to give shower gifts relating to linen.

    Game ~ Duvet Cover Game. In this game the guests have to put a cover on a duvet (or comforter), filling out all the corners. You time each contestant using a stopwatch or clock with a second hand, and the fastest wins. If you are feeling very kindly you can let the contestants work in pairs.


    Favors hint~ English lavender & lace sachets would be a really lovely favor idea for your bridal shower.


    Gift suggestions ~ Tablecloth, lace napkins, napkin holders, towels, place mat doilies, bed sheets, duvet covers, pillows and pillow cases.

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    So you are hosting and making preparations for a shower now then take a look around this site and you will find a really great selection of free bridal themed information that will help you including the Linens bridal shower theme ideas. The tips here on for picking gifts for a theme are sure to help you host a simple to organize celebration to please your guests. Do take a look at the free games and articles to assist you when planning a wedding shower. Have a good look around this site and you will discover that we have a really fantastic selection of free bridal planning articles that will be helpful to you, including the Linen and Lace theme ideas, if you are preparing a celebration for a bride-to-be. You should find that the suggestions on for choosing entertainment are going to help you create a simple celebration to delight your party guests. A great idea might be to throw a around the house shower in order to provide practical gifts for the new bride, as would a stock the kitchen theme which is a popular choice.

    The hostess might even consider interesting ideas like the Mad Hatters tea party or a more refined party such as an English country garden tea party theme or maybe an entertaining idea such as a Sherlock Holmes party to frame the party on. Remember to look at the list of theme ideas not to mention the tips for a few good ideas on how to organize the occasion. If you are choosing to have a theme you going to make it less difficult for everyone to create a successful event. Browse around here and you will see some ways to help you plan a successful party including the around the clock themed shower tips. Also browse around our western shower theme suggestions, the stock the bar as well as the favorite garden shower theme suggestions to help you give you some ideas with the hosting.

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      Read through the selection of ideas on how to plan a pre wedding event with details for arranging the practicl linen and pretty lace Party, and the other party theme articles available right here.