Bridal Shower Themes Ideas: Linen and Lace

Linen & Lace
Bridal Shower Theme

  • Linen is of course a household essential, so honoring a bride-to-be with a linen and lace bridal shower is a great idea. It's also a lovely way to give her some beautiful items that she may perhaps feel unable to justify buying herself.

    Pretty lace wedding shower Invitations are available to purchase. However, there are many affordable card making supplies, such as lace punches and linen envelopes, that are easy to obtain as well. So you may also like to think about making your own elegant handmade invitations. These invites will be a nice way to set up your party theme, and also to make your gift request.

    Simple party decorations, such as balloons and streamers, are a really popular choice for this fun event. Other well-liked ideas for party decor, include snowflake decorations, a banner, a lace parasol, tissue paper pom poms, and ribbons and bows.

    Additionally, covering your table with a nice table cloth, is a great way to dress it up, and this would also tie in with your linen and lace theme. Plus, many shower hostesses today like to create their own unique table centerpiece. For this occasion for example this might be, a pretty arrangement of seasonal flowers, a towel cake, or perhaps a bridal shower sheet cake. And don't forget that your centerpiece will also make a delightful addition to your party decor.


    A selection of sweet and savory finger foods are another favorite choice for this celebration. Tea sandwiches, as well as pigs in blankets, and cupcakes and cookies, for instance, are sure to be crowd pleasers. Placing snacks on paper doily covered plates, or using pretty cupcake wrappers, for little cakes, is a pretty and chic suggestion.

    Also, if you organize some games and activities, while keeping the bride and guests in mind, then everyone is certain to have a really enjoyable time. The Rice and Pins game for example might be a fun choice. Or you could perhaps arrange a contest, where guests are asked to put a duvet cover on a comforter (duvet), filling out all the corners, and the fastest player or team wins. Awarding a small prize to game winners is a great idea.

    Give party favors, and prizes, that complement your linen and lace theme, and these are sure to delight your guests. Lavender sachets, handkerchiefs, and lace fans, are just a few popular suggestions. More favorites include, prettily presented pillow mints, sugar almonds wrapped in tulle, and packets of White Linen California Poppy seeds. Also, pillow boxes would make the perfect packaging for little mementos.

    Finally, as bridal shower guests often ask for gift ideas, do remember to have a few suggestions to hand. You might recommend items, such as a laundry basket, towels, scented drawer liners, bed linen, or perhaps a beautiful lace tablecloth; or maybe some napkins and napkin holders. A cotton or linen scented candle, and a lace wedding memory book, would be lovely suggestions for presents as well. Alternatively, if appropriate, giving your guests details of the couples' wedding gift registry, will be fine too.

    Themed Ideas

    Guests are asked on the invitation to give shower gifts relating to linen.

    Game ~

    Duvet Cover Game. In this game the guests have to put a cover on a duvet (or comforter), filling out all the corners. You time each contestant using a stopwatch or clock with a second hand, and the fastest wins. If you are feeling very kindly you can let the contestants work in pairs.

    Favors hint~ English lavender & lace sachets would be a really lovely favor idea for your bridal shower.

    Gift suggestions ~ Tablecloth, lace napkins, napkin holders, towels, place mat doilies, bed sheets, duvet covers, pillows and pillow cases.

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