Rooms Around-The-House Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Bridal Shower Themes:

  • Honoring a soon to be bride with an around the house bridal shower is a great idea. As It's a really fun way to ensure, that she receives a wide range of housewares, and some other nice gifts as well. Organizing this popular theme is easy. Simply assign each guest the name of a room in the newlyweds home, or the name of an area that you would generally expect to find in a house. Then send out, themed store-bought or DIY invitations, asking everyone if they could please bring an item that relates to their allotted room as a gift.

    Favorite ideas for easy party decorations for this important affair, include balloons and streamers, paper lanterns, and tissue paper pom poms. A banner, garland, and ribbons and bows, are also popular suggestions for effortless party decor.

    Additionally, a simple table centerpiece, such as an arrangement of pretty, fresh flowers, is for many hostesses the perfect choice for this occasion. However, if you own or can borrow a dolls house, complete with miniature accessories, this too would be a lovely pick.

    A buffet will also work really well for this fun celebration, and it's sure to please your guests too. Tea sandwiches, pigs in blankets, cheese and crackers, salad, plus cupcakes and cookies, for example, are just a few ideas for finger foods that are easy to prepare. And remember that many snacks can be made ahead of time, so leaving you free to enjoy the party too.

  • Plus, if you organize a few popular bridal shower activities with care, and award prizes to game winners, then you're certain to guarantee lots of funny moments, and some wonderful memories too. The Memory Tray game for instance, would be a great choice; but don't forget to also see our other top ideas for games and quizzes to play.

    Sending your guests home with party favors, is a great way of showing your appreciation, and choosing little presents that complement a party theme or a season is a really popular idea. So keychains or rings, candles, or flowering potted plants for example, would be just perfect for this event. Also, edible favors are always happily received, therefore some prettily presented homemade cookies would be a good option too.

    Finally, if your guests should ask for present ideas, if appropriate you can of course refer them to the couple's wedding registry. Alternatively, you might recommend, for the entryway or the kitchen a key holder or a letter rack. Also for the kitchen, cookbooks, bakeware and cookware, or perhaps an apron or a utensil crock. For the bedroom, you might suggest items such as blankets, scented drawer liners, storage baskets, and bed linen; and for the bathroom, a towel bale, a bathroom organizer, and some nice scented soap. In addition a keepsake gift such as a sterling silver house charm, would also be a very sweet suggestion, and something that will surely be cherished, by the soon to be bride.

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    Have a Theme for the Shower

    So there you have it. Each guest is allocated a room of the couples new home, on the invitation. They are then expected to furnish an item appropriate to that room. Whether it is the living room, the kitchen, bedroom or the bathroom, you will be able to suggest suitable gifts.

    Room of the House Gift suggestions ~ For instance, for the bathroom the gift could be towels, soaps, shampoo and shower gel. The bedroom could be bed linen, photo frames, pictures, candles, feng shui items. The kitchen might be a set of kitchen knives, bowls, sponges, mops, household cleaners cooking utensils, jars and canisters or cookbooks. The study, pen and pencil holders, desk ornament, clock or letter opener. Write a list of rooms around the house including the living-room and work from there for ideas.

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    Deciding to have an Around-the-House theme for a bridal shower is a very popular way of planning a fun gift giving party for the bride-to-be. This theme, which is sometimes known as 'rooms of the house', will help you organize the gifts, favors and the entertainments including the games. You will find those items here on this site and also include the decorations suggestions that will be a fun addition plus of course the great party games that we have for you.

    You'll find a selection of ideas on how to plan an Around The House bridal shower or 'rooms of the house' event with ideas for gifts based on this idea, Plus other pre wedding and bridal theme articles available right here.