Bridal Shower Themes: Stock the Bar

Stock the Bar Bridal Shower Theme

  • Organizing a stock the bar bridal shower, for an engaged couple who just love to entertain, is a really popular suggestion. It's also a great party theme idea for the Holiday Season.

    Mailing to your guests store-bought, or homemade invitations, is a great way to tell them about your theme. This they will also surely find helpful. Especially when choosing their card, present, and gift wrap etc.

    Creating a welcoming setting for this fun celebration is easy. As simple and cheap party decorations, such as balloons, streamers and a banner, are a popular choice. Drink posters, a chalkboard, and empty wine bottles filled with seasonal flowers, are also often used for party decor.

    In addition, for many hostesses, a glass container filled with lemons or limes, is their favorite table centerpiece for this affair. Another, is a giant glass filled with colorful candy. Centerpieces like these are a good choice, as they are decorative, simple to create, and they'll support your theme too.

    A buffet comprising of a selection of sweet and savory finger food will also work really well for this occasion. Stylish suggestions include filling glassware with candy, or savory snacks, and adorning drinking glasses, with cute cocktail umbrellas.


  • Plus, if you arrange some activities with care, then your guests are certain to have a truly enjoyable time. A free raffle for example is fun to play, and the winner could perhaps be awarded a bottle of wine. However, be sure to see our other ideas for games to play at a wedding shower too.

    At the end of the party, give your guests stock the bar favors, and your creativity is sure to impress. Best suggestions for inexpensive mementos, include bottle openers, drink coasters, bottle stoppers, and shot glasses. Candy or chocolates wrapped in cellophane or tulle, secured, and popped into plastic stemmed glasses, are also a favorite pick.

    Finally, if your guests should ask you for home bar gift ideas, you might recommend, drinks, a wine rack or crate, a bartender book, or maybe a wine basket. Glassware, wine charms, coasters and bar towels. would be great suggestions as well. Likewise, a pitcher, a cocktail shaker, a bartender kit, a muddler, a jigger, and a corkscrew. Olives, maraschino cherries, straws, and drink picks, would also make very useful little presents. Some chocolate liqueurs might be nice too!

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    Consider Having a Themed Wedding Shower

    The bride and groom will have no shortage of drinks for their new home if you arrange this theme for the shower, with the guests being asked to bring gifts relating to the bar. This is a popular theme for the future bride and groom who like to entertain. A stock the bar theme would also be a great idea for the holiday season.

    Bar Theme Gift suggestions are of course, in addition to various wines, spirits, beer and mixers, such things as corkscrews, bottle stoppers, a pitcher, a selection of glasses, punchbowl, bottle racks also a cocktail shaker and mixing instructions, plus olives, cherries etc.

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