Bridal Shower Themes Ideas: English Country Garden Tea Party

English Country Garden Tea Party Shower Theme

  • Have a terribly posh tea party with cucumber sandwiches, perhaps followed by cream cakes, scones or muffins.
    Or simply have tea and biscuits (cookies).

    Weather permitting have 'Tea on the Lawn' & perhaps a game of croquet for the wedding shower. Have a bash at speaking with a British accent;  that should be rather amusing in itself.


    Garden Tea Party Games ~
    . If you are unable to obtain a croquet set, then it shouldn't be too difficult to make the hoops from wire & a mallet from timber. There are several web sites with information on croquet, including


    Favors ~ These could vary from tea bags in envelopes to small ornaments or both depending on the anticipated value of the gifts.


    Gift suggestions for a Tea Party ~ China cups plates, teapot, cutlery,  and other suitable items. In addition, perhaps a tea set or similar could be bought by a group of the guests.


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