Free Bridal Shower Bingo

Bridal Shower Bingo

  • This is a traditional game for a shower which is easy to play and always popular with guests.
    Print out each of the fifteen bingo cards plus the list of words from the links below. Cut up the list of words so that they can be pulled out of a hat.

    Wedding Shower Bingo - Give each shower guest a card or have them share a card. The bingo cards have words which are associated with weddings, romance and gifts.

    The host usually acts as bingo caller and pulls the pieces of paper with the words printed on, from a hat or dish and calls out the word.

    When a guest has the word on her card then she marks it off with a pen or pencil. The first guest who can check off a complete line either horizontally, vertically, or corner to corner, shouts out 'Bingo!' and is the winner of that game.

    In the center of the card is a 'Free Square' which anyone can include in their line.

  • Free bridal shower bingo to print.

    This is a really easy game to play and is also free and downloadable for you to print out the cards together with the caller's tickets. You can choose to print them using white or colored card, or possibly simply with paper. Make sure that you print enough wedding bingo cards for the guests that you have invited. You then just have to cut the callers tickets out with scissors. The caller who is usually the hostess, can then simply call out the bridal words for the players to mark off on their wedding bingo cards.

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