Wedding and Shower Centerpieces

Bridal Shower Centerpieces

A centerpiece for a party table might be fun, cute, simple, elaborate, elegant, classic, or contemporary. It may comprise of a single arrangement, such as a vase of beautiful flowers, or a collection of items, like a display of prettily wrapped favors. Table decorations are often created to coordinate with a general theme, or to match the colors or flowers of the wedding. However, they might also be made to reflect the season, or be in keeping with a Holiday - perhaps Christmas.

The Items used to make wedding shower centerpieces are wide and varied, and in fact, some can be really quite unusual. But don't forget, whether you choose a pitcher filled with pretty blooms, or something a little more out of the ordinary, a centerpiece is always a great way to dress up a table, as well as add color and ambiance to your party.

And if you need a little inspiration, take a look at our collection of shower centerpiece ideas, you're sure to find just what you need.

Enhance the look of your party & reception table with these centerpieces to complete the overall theme and atmosphere for the wedding meal. They are also perfect for pre-wedding parties including showers or bridesmaids luncheons. These items will really add to the look of the table and impress the guests at your wedding reception, bridesmaids luncheon or Wedding shower buffet.

Great Ideas for Decorating the Shower Table

On this site you will also be able to get easy instructions on how to make favors and decorations including beautiful towel cake centerpieces and decorative flowers to suit a theme that will please the bride and the people who you have invited. Wedding table decorations including lovely white themed candles that could be given as gifts to the guests and also create fun atmosphere on a special day. You can also add pretty pink or blue color themed candle ornaments to the tables or perhaps cute vases to add to the ambiance at the celebration. Consider displaying great low price and unique floral centerpieces that are available to coordinate with the style of the other pretty flowers that will be on show at the event.

Place-card holders and invitations can certainly be of a design that will match the look of the general decor at the get together. You can also use these ideas when planning for birthday or bachelorette parties and it is quite easy to find supplies such as inexpensive glass vases, topiaries and personalized ribbon which can be later given as mementos or gifts. Enhance the look of your reception or luncheon table settings with attractive center displays that will complete the overall theme and atmosphere for the meal. It is a good idea to display budget decor centerpieces, along with decorative place card holders and candles to make a picture wedding shower or reception that everyone will enjoy and perhaps have as keepsakes.

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Luncheon & Reception table Displays

The beautiful party & wedding table decor ideas here will also be perfect gifts for special guests and attendants.

Consider these items to enhance your bridal shower:

candle centerpieces

edible centerpieces

flower centerpieces.

Shower gift centerpieces

Bridal Shower branch centerpieces

Bridal Shower Cake centerpieces

Bridal Shower Cake Centerpieces
Candle Holders Centerpieces
Vase of flowers Shower Centerpieces
Artificial flower Centerpieces
Pretty Centerpiece Cupcakes
Gifts Basket Center-pieces
Cake Stand Center Display
The wedding table decorations include the center display, candles & placecard holders which if given as gifts may become treasured keepsakes & reminders of the occasion.

Theme Decoration Ideas

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