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Floral Table Centerpieces

Flowers make beautiful centerpieces, and for many party hostesses are often their favorite option. To create a floral centerpiece you can of course buy flowers from a florist, a market, or your local store. But why not take a look in your garden – or maybe in a friend or a relative’s garden. As seasonal flowers like roses, hydrangeas, sweet peas and daffodils – arranged in a vase or a pitcher – can make simply perfect centerpieces, and of course they’re free! Here are some more of our favorite flower table decor’ ideas – and some helpful centerpiece tips too.

Choosing flowers that coordinate with a bridal shower theme, colors, or the season, can work really well. For an Autumn centerpiece, for instance, the russet colors of Fall can be beautifully captured with orange chrysanthemums, and yellow roses.

An unusual container filled with flowers, is an easy way to create a unique centerpiece for a special occasion. A teapot, or a large cup and saucer, for example, can look very pretty. And would be a fun choice for a Kitchen, a Mad Hatter or a Tea Party bridal shower.

A group of small potted plants makes a lovely table decoration – and they can do double duty as party favors too! To tie this centerpiece idea to a bridal shower theme, simply choose plants with the same color blooms, or wrap a ribbon, in a matching or a coordinating color, around each flowerpot, and then tie it in a bow.

A potted plant – maybe in a basket – is an easy centerpiece idea. This is also a good choice if you’re a hostess on a small budget, as you can often buy seasonal potted plants at a great price. Such as poinsettias – perfect for a Christmas bridal shower, as well as chrysanthemums, miniature roses, begonias, and miniature daffodils.

Paper flowers can make a really pretty centerpiece, and cute decorations for a shower too. They’re also fairly easy to make. Other faux blooms including silk and plastic flowers, can also work really well. And don’t forget artificial flower arrangements can make great raffle prizes, as well as a lovely memento for a bride-to-be.

Small vases or glasses, as well as tealight and votive holders, each holding either a tiny arrangement of flowers, or a single blossom, like a rose, make dainty floral table decorations for a wedding shower. And whether placed in a row down the center, grouped in the middle, or one put at every place setting, these small flower arrangements can look simply beautiful.

Don’t forget, depending on the kind of floral centerpiece you choose, you’ll probably need to protect a table. And although a fabric or plastic tablecloth, or a table runner, will often do the job, do keep in mind that you may well need something a little more substantial.

Bridal Shower Centerpieces

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