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Gift Table Centerpieces

Buying or making a centerpiece that will also be a useful gift for the bride, and the couples home, is a great idea. Here are a few of our best suggestions.

Line a large mixing bowl – with perhaps a tea towel, apron, or tissue paper. Then just fill the bowl with a good selection of everyday kitchen items. Maybe a wooden spoon, a whisk, a spatula, a set of measuring cups and spoons, some cookie cutters, and a can opener. Adding a favorite recipe or two, or a small basic cookbook, would be a thoughtful gesture too. Finish with a colorful ribbon and bow. Incidentally, this fun centerpiece idea would be just perfect for an Around The House or a Kitchen Bridal Shower.

A bunch of fresh flowers arranged in a vase, or a pitcher, is a popular as well as simple shower centerpiece idea. However, if you buy a nice vase or pitcher, this could also make a lovely keepsake gift for the guest of honor, and of course for the newlyweds home too.

A gift basket filled with some useful linens, and some related items, and adorned with a pretty ribbon and bow, makes a practical table centerpiece and gift, that is sure to delight a bride-to-be. A wicker basket with a handle, or a laundry basket, will both work really well. And a tablecloth, cloth napkins, and tea towels, plus laundry detergent, fabric softener, and a lavender sachet, are all certain to be appreciated.

A wedding towel cake not only makes a great table decoration, the towels are also sure to be a welcome shower present. You could of course buy a towel cake, but don’t forget if you have a cupful of time and a spoonful of patience, they’re fairly easy to make yourself too.

Enjoy the party!

Bridal Shower Centerpieces

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