How to make a towel wedding cake instructions

How To Make a Towel Cake

Recipe Bridal shower towel cakes are typically made with white or ivory towels and wide ribbon; but you can of course use any color and with any width of ribbon you like.

2 bath towels.
2 hand towels.
2 washcloths.
Wide ribbon.
Pearl or bead headed straight pins, or safety pins.
Dowel, wooden stick or similar.
Cake board, large plate or tray.
Silk flowers.
Small soaps or other mini bath products.
Wedding favor charms or dollhouse
accessories (optional.)

How to make a towel cake

if you are interested in easy steps to dress your towel centerpiece, then the tips that are on our site are sure to be what you will want. Ribbons silk flower and bows in the colors of your choice might make a beautiful adornment to the look of the shower centerpiece. This commonly used item that is utilized to beautify a shower table display could well be composed of the little gifts that the bride is going to be receiving.

In cases where you will be performing the duties of the hostess, you'll be able to save yourself a little cash by making a shower towel central decoration yourself instead of paying for a factory-made product. An additional benefits of creating your own central table display item is that you could possibly decide upon almost any color to match the theme or the bride's preferred choice.

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