Making towel cake shower centerpieces

Towel Cake 'Cooking' Instructions

Step 1 - First take a bath towel then neatly fold it in half length-ways and then in half again. Now put this towel to one side and do the same with the second bath towel.

Step 2 - Next take one of the folded towels and, keeping the edges neatly together, tightly roll it from end to end, leaving about 6 to 8 inches unrolled at the finish.

Step 3 - Then, making sure that it's the same way up, overlap one end of the second bath towel with the end of the first and - holding the coil very firmly - continue to roll tightly.

Shower table decorations

Making homemade party decorations doesn't require a lot of artistic skill and can be carried out by most people with a great and satisfying result. With easy to follow tutorial here for diy towel cakes you should find the task pretty simple for you to follow and create your own inexpensive centerpiece. Make at home centerpieces can often look even better than expensive store bought decorations and have the advantage of being more personalized and suitable for the bride-to-be.
You are going to find some easy to follow steps on how to make your own cake centerpiece with towels to enhance the shower party here at In the event that you do choose to provide a shower centerpiece by utilizing our step-by-step tutorials, then you can design a distinctive and individual decoration for the party. Making a towel centerpiece is relatively simple to do if you follow the stages in the quick and easy to adhere to guides. Additionally, if you are someone who is not especially creative or accomplished with your hands you will still find it fairly simple to make a really lovely shower table decoration.

The guides list a comprehensive number of of extras which you could also utilize as decorations for the towel centerpiece that include with lace or flowers. Another advantage of creating your own centerpiece is that you can choose just about any color to match the theme or the bride's preferred taste. You will find a selection of wedding party ideas with details to help you create a successful celebration for the bride here, in addition to the various centerpiece making instructions.

Remember that the information & articles on this site are only general suggestions and you should always consult with the other people involved with the shower to be sure that everything is successful. Amazon books should give more detailed info than can be shown on a website.