Bridal Garden Shower Favor Ideas, Including Plants And Flowers

Bridal Shower Plant
& Garden Favors: Plus Plants And Flowers

Plant Favors

Little potted plants like African violets, or herbs, make lovely party favors - especially for a bridal shower with a garden theme.

Small potted plants are of course widely available from your local store or garden center; but you might also like to think about buying some bedding plants like pansies, violas or impatiens, or small bulbs such as grape hyacinths or crocuses and planting these in potting soil filled containers of your choice. Perhaps small plastic or terracotta flowerpots, galvanized favor pails, or favor watering cans.

Or, if you have herbs or plants of your own, such as lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme, ivy or geraniums, to take cuttings, and then to plant these in your chosen containers. However, if you do decide on this option it's a good idea - just to be sure that the cuttings have in fact taken root - to plant them a couple of weeks before the party.

And don't forget that simply by tying a ribbon, in a matching or coordinating color or design, around or to the handle of each container, it's easy to link plant favors to a shower theme or to the theme or colors of a wedding. Although, so that the ribbons don't get damaged when the plants are watered, this is best done shortly before the shower party.

This would also be a good time to attach your favor tags or labels, on which you could note the name of the plant too.

Tip: Handcrafted tags cut from card stock look very sweet when they're cut into a garden themed shape such as a flower or butterfly, or decorated with a garden themed rubber stamp.

Favor Tips

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