Inexpensive Bridal Shower Favor Ideas: 6 - Flower Seeds

Flower Seed Party Favors - Bridal Showers

Packaged seeds are an affordable and popular bridal shower favor idea and a gift that is sure to please your party guests.

There are so many varieties available to choose from too - and some - like forget-me-nots, cupid pink sweet peas, ocean foam or streamer sweet peas, balloon flowers, bachelor buttons and bluebells, wildflowers, daisies and cupids dart - even have names that can be associated with love, friendship, parties and party themes. So it's easy to find the perfect packet of seeds to suit an event.

Seeds can be presented in a variety of pretty ways including in glassine envelopes, favor watering cans or favor baskets or in small terracotta flowerpots or mini pails; adorned with bright or pastel colored narrow ribbons and favor tags or labels - which could be chosen to match or coordinate with the colors of a wedding or with a bridal shower or wedding theme.

Personalized seed packets are also a good choice for favor gifts, and they're available at a great price too.

Favor Making

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