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This is list #4 of wedding shower games together with some party theme ideas for the event; so take a look around the site to find some ideas to help you host a successful event.

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Be sure to read these game instructions particularly, the wedding bingo and wedding word scramble that you can print it yourself that to save you time and money if hosting a shower. Word puzzle games are sure to delight your party guests. So we have included a choice of unique games such as the British words 1, the fun word puzzle 2 follow on, funny word game 3 and the similar rhyming word game. Why not have some guessing games as they are always fun and also enjoyed by less energetic guests. Some traditional ones are 'guess who' or 'who am I' quiz and the purse guessing quiz. We have the guess the price quiz and of course guess the spices idea. Organize some questions and answers contests for the guests to play. you can choose questions that are fairly easy so that any of the players can win a cute prize. 'How Well do you know the bride?' game with questions celebrity couples. The activities here include a collection of contests that you can print for a wedding shower including wedding bingo and it is free and printable, as is bridal word scramble to print which is also fun at parties. It's a good ideas have some ice-breakers as they can be a useful method of getting guests to become friends each other. The toilet paper wedding dress contest is a popular ice-breaker, as is the cotton ball game and the don't say clothes pin game is always fun. Don't forget simple activities such as pass The balloon shower game which will entertain everybody. We also have the tray memory game and the old favorite hunt the thimble thimble hunt that is sure to keep the players happy. You can choose some games of chance that will give anyone the opportunity to win. the raffle and also the lucky coin contest are generally simple entertainments to arrange. Including some games in the affair is often the key for a hostess to hold a fun event for the bride and the relatives attending.