Free Bridal Shower Games To Play

Bridal Shower Games

To keep your guests entertained take a look at the free bridal shower games here which you can produce inexpensively with your computer printer and will save you time, effort and money when you are preparing for the shower party.

Free Games List How to organize and play popular games. Printable Games including Bridal Bingo and Word Scramble to print.

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Top Shower Game Ideas

Abbee Bridal Games

We have provided a number of free games ideas for you to include in the activities, and you will find them all in the Game List, shown above. However to make it a bit simpler for you to choose, here is an additional summary of the Top Ten popular games on this site

Bingo for a Bridal Shower

This is a simple to play version of the traditional game of bingo that we have modified to suit a wedding or bridal celebration. There are bingo cards here at that you can create for your event free and make sure that all participants have a chance to win. Your guests will be entertained while the future bride is opening her gifts. All the components such as pencils or counters can be obtained on a budget and be used for other contests at the celebrations.

Wedding Word Game

This is another one of our free bridal shower games that you can produce on your own computer. It requires a certain amount of skill, but it is fun for the contestants just to take part in even if they don't win. As you might have guessed, it simply involves unscrambling the wedding related words that we have included on the quiz sheet.

Guess Who' or 'Who Am I' Game

This is another fun ice-breaker entertainment for the shower that everyone will be involved in. The guests are each given the name of a celebrity and by various means the other people attending have to guess who they are. This is always a popular game and quite simple to organize and to participate in.

Famous Couples

This game also has several variations and you can modify it to suit the bride as well as the guests. A basic variety is where you supply the contestants with a list of famous people or characters and they have to provide the names of the matching partners. We have given some suggestions of celebrities and other characters that you might use.

Don't Say Bride - Taboo Clothes Pin Game

With this game the people attending the shower are told that they must not say a particular word or perform a certain action during the course of the event, If they do, then there will be some sort of penalty and the guest with the least points against them will win the competition. This is described in more detail in the article. Its a great ice-breaker and is very popular with everybody.

Guessing the Price Quiz

This is a widely used game at showers and really gets the guests involved in the activities. Depending on which items you choose for the competitors to make their guesses on, the contest can be made either simple or more difficult to suit the guests. Take a look at the article here at, for some more information and suggestions on how to oragnize and play this.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Making

Well this must be the most widely chosen game that hostesses use when organizing a celebration for the bride. Depending on the items that you provide for the competition, the wedding dresses can be really basic right through to being quite elaborate. Whatever you decide on, you are sure to create great entertainment for everyone with this activity.

'How Well Do You Know the Bride?' With Questions

This game will probably involve you in some research beforehand to discover some information about the bride and be able to set the questions and answers. Asking the soon-to-be bride, her mother and other close friends will give the information that you need and will be quite an interesting task for you to carry out. We have included a selection of example questions that will at least give you an idea of what to find out. Everyone is sure to enjoy this game including the bride.

Cotton Ball Game

This game will alway create waves of laughter and keep the entertainment moving along. It only requires some inexpensive equipment and is really easy for the hostess to plan. This is another really entertaining activity for you to organize very easily on a budget. Have a read through the instructions here at on how to play this and look forward to some great fun with the folk attending.

Tray Memory Shower Game

Test the memory of the guests by asking them to remember a group of items that you have shown them. You can also play one or two tricks on them to make the contest a little more difficult, but have a look at the instructions here at, on how to plan and play the game and decide what rules you are going to apply. This is great fun and can be played in teams or with individual players.

More Game Ideas

Fun for the shower

Save yourself some money by taking a look at the bridal shower games provided free for you on this site - no charge. Just click on one of the menus shown above.

The people attending the celebration are sure to be delighted by the activities which you will have provided and will certainly have a great time, which they will remember for many years with pleasure.

Entertain Your Guests

Ice-Breaker Shower Game Ideas

Games involving pencil and paper are very popular, as people of all ages can play particularly if the game is multiple choice, and so if the contestants don't really know the answer they can just have a good guess at it.

Shower Games - Wedding trivia or 'How Well Do You Know The Bride?' is also a great fun game to play as facts about the bride and groom-to-be are particularly related to the event and some amusing questions and information can be incorporated into the questions and answers. The famous couples shower game is particularly popular with people attending the celebrations and simply involves the players naming the partner of a famous character or celebrity. The wedding scavenger hunts are also quite popular and are fairly simple to organize and of course a prize should be awarded to the winner.

Using these bridal shower games, is a really useful way to liven up the events and help everybody to get to know one another. If they're well organized they can be great fun and will be remembered by everybody attending the party as having been a great success as well as very enjoyable.

Wedding Shower Bingo - Of course wedding shower bingo is a very popular game as everybody stands equal chance of winning no one has a particular advantage over anybody else. Another one of the activities that you will see here is Wedding Word Scramble Game and this is really quite easy for any of those attending to take part in.

Another enjoyable game is one where contestants have to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper, This is a hilarious one to play and again it is inexpensive and easy to provide all the equipment. The Purse Wedding Shower quiz is a simple guessing game to play that doesn't require any special equipment and the players always find it very funny. Memory games are also quite enjoyable and there are a few such contests described on the site.

Games - And More

Shower Word Scramble -

Some of the theme ideas shown on this site also include suggested entertainment which will tie in nicely with the general atmosphere of the party.

An advantage of having traditional games rather than the more unique, modern type is that many of the people will be familiar with the rules and there will be no need for complicated explanations or confusion; games are usually best if they are kept simple. There may be some guests who may not be keen to play but they're certain to change their mind once they see the others enjoying themselves and winning prizes. The guests can let themselves go and relax with all the fun and laughter that well organized bridal shower games will add to the whole affair.

Hosting Ideas

Choosing the right theme and ice-breaker games will make the job of the hostess entertaining the guests and keeping them happy go much easier. Playing hunting the thimble is a simple game to include which gets everyone running around and making them more inclined to talk to each other in a more relaxed way. It's a great idea to video or photograph the fun activities and the shower generally so all the fun, happy times can be remembered by the bride, the hostess and those attending the party, in years to come. Playing some music in the background while games are being played also helps the atmosphere and makes people more relaxed and less self-conscious while the entertainments are going on.

Be sure to come back to the site regularly, as we are frequently adding additional useful information and articles to suggest to the hostess how to organize a bridal shower.

Do remember of course that the information and wedding articles which are included in this site are only general suggestions and you should always consult with the other people concerned with the shower before you spend any time or money in organizing an event. Check thoroughly all your plans before the shower takes place and even try out some of the games and food etc that you intend to include, to be sure that everything is successful.

Books available from online bookstores should give you much more detailed information than can realistically be shown on a website.

Have a browse through the list of free, fun party games for the forthcoming bridal shower here and you are sure to see some ideas to give the guests a chance to win a prize and give the bride a celebration to remember with great pleasure. With the ideas and articles in the wedding fun guide which include instructions for playing the games, you can entertain the people attending without spending a lot of money. So now, if you haven't done so already, go to the games lists to find some activities for your guests to play and keep them entertained. The lists of games include a brief descriptions of what organizing and playing them involves.

Bridal Games to help you plan a great Shower!