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Clothespin Game for a Bridal Shower – Don’t Say or Do

This is a very popular and fun game for parties which gets guests who don’t know each other to mingle and become acquainted.

The hostess gives each of the guests a clothes pin to attach to their clothing. Then the guests are told that there are three words which you have previously chosen, which they must not say.

These words could be the words, ‘bride’, ‘groom’, ‘wedding’, or any other words which you may decide on and which they are likely to say at a bridal get-together. If a guest says one of these forbidden words another guest who hears them can demand to receive their clothes pin. At the end of the game, which can last throughout the party, the person with the most pins is the winner.

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A variation of the game is where the guests are told that they must not cross their legs or ankles. If they do this then they can be penalized by another guest, who spots them, who can then claim their clothes pin. Again the person with the most pins at the end of the game wins.

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