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The Cotton Ball Game

This is a really popular game with guests and, as it’s an activity that’s easy and inexpensive to organize, it’s a great choice for a hostess too.

Cotton Ball Bridal Shower Game

To play this shower game you will need two large bowls, one of which should be filled with white cotton balls plus a large kitchen spoon and a cloth to use as a blindfold.

Each guest in turn competes in this game. Blindfold the guest and give one minute to transfer as many cotton balls from one bowl to the other just using the kitchen spoon.

Make a note of how many of the cotton balls each guest can transfer in exactly one minute. The guest who transfers the most cotton balls is the winner.

Due to the fact that the spoon is quite heavy and the cotton balls are quite light it is very difficult for the guests to tell whilst blindfolded whether they have anything in the spoon, consequently they will spend most of their time transferring an empty spoon.

This is a very amusing game for the other shower guests to watch.

Bridal Shower Games

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