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Who Am I? Bridal Shower Guessing Game

You’ve probably come across this before, but it’s a pretty good game which can be adapted to suit most wedding shower themes.

It is also suitable for most age groups and is great as an icebreaker, since every guest has to talk to the other guests while playing.

‘Guess Who’ or ‘Who Am I?’ Bridal Shower Game

Before the party you obtain one piece of stiff paper or card for each of the shower guests. You could also consider using stickers instead of cards.

On each card clearly write the name of a famous person or character who could be a person from history, a film star from any era or even a cartoon character.

It helps to maintain the theme if the famous character has something to do with that theme, or a person who the bride is a fan of. However this is not essential and in fact it can be great fun if one or two of the characters have nothing at all to do with the theme.

The names of the characters should all be familiar to all the guests so that so that they can answer questions about them.

When the shower begins you attach the name of a different famous person to the back of each guest. For this you might use tape, clothes pins or whatever is appropriate for their clothing. Don’t let them see the name on the card.

During the event each guest has to guess who the name of their character on the card by asking the others questions to which the answer must be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

The questions could be for instance:
Am I female?
Am I still alive?
Do I have dark hair?
Am I a singer?

Playing the game along simple lines, the first contestant to guess who their famous character is correctly, is the winner.

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Alternatively you can choose to make each of the characters a half of a famous partnership, and once the guest has discovered their identity, they have to find their famous partner at the shower. Be sure to give the winner a small prize as a souvenir of their achievement.

Again, this is great icebreaker game to bring those attending together and help you create a really successful celebration that everyone will enjoy!

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