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Guess The Spices & Herbs Game

Perfect for a Cooking or Kitchen themed Bridal Shower this popular game is harder than you may think to play – but great fun.

Herbs and Spices Bridal Shower Game

To play this popular game, you’ll need 10 paper cups – or any kind of disposable cups – a selection of fresh, ground, or dried, herbs and spices, paper, and some tape.

Here’s a list of just some of the spices and herbs that you can pick from:

Bay leaf

Cilantro (coriander)
Pumpkin pie spice

1. Mark each each of the paper cups with a number from 1 to 10 so that they can be identified.

2. Noting the number of the cup, and its contents, as you go, put a different herb or spice into each cup.

3. Cover a cup with a circle or square of paper or foil, then tape it securely to the cup. Continue until all the cups have taped covers.

4. Carefully make a small hole in the center of every paper cover.

  • How to play
    1. Give each party guest paper and a pencil.

    2. Then ask them to smell the contents of each cup in turn and, noting down the number of the cup and its contents as they go, to guess the herb or spice inside.

    3. The guest who can identify the most herbs or the spices correctly, wins the game, and a small prize too. This might be a little jar of a familiar herb or spice, a packet of herb seeds, a potted herb plant, or maybe some herb tea.

    You could alternatively use a different type of container for the herb, such as paper bags or jars if you prefer.

    Hostess’ tip: This fun party game would be a good choice for a Recipe, an Around The House, a Cooking or a Kitchen themed bridal shower. Also don’t forget, a spice rack filled with little jars of spices and herbs, makes a great wedding shower gift too.

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