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Thimble Hunt Game

Hunt the Thimble is not only a traditional and popular parlor game, it’s also a game that’s fun to play at a bridal shower, and an activity that can easily be adapted to suit your party theme.

Hunt The ‘Thimble’ Wedding Shower Game

To organize, before your guests arrive, simply hide a thimble somewhere in the room that the event is to be held in. For a themed wedding shower however, a really fun idea is to substitute the thimble, with something that ties in with your theme. A cookie cutter for example would be a good choice for a kitchen theme, a pretty handkerchief for a linen and lace bridal shower, and for a stock the bar party, a cork would be a great pick.

To play, at a suitable point during the celebration, ask your guests to look for the concealed object, and while they’re searching, call out player’s names, and ‘cold’ ‘warm’, ‘very warm’, ‘hot’ and ‘very hot’ etc., depending on how close they are to finding the hidden item. The first lady to find the ‘thimble’ is the winner of the game and a small prize too.

Her prize might be an item that ties in with your shower theme, or maybe something edible, such as a box of chocolates or candy for instance. Something that relates to a thimble, like a mini sewing kit, a pin cushion, a cute tape measure, or perhaps a collectible thimble, would also be a great choice for a little gift.

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