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Pass The Balloon Party Game

Pass the Balloon is a fun bridal shower game that’s really easy to organize.

Pass The Balloon Wedding Shower Game

To play, first ask your guests to stand in a circle, then play some music – perhaps some wedding music or some love songs. Next give one of the players a balloon and ask her to begin passing it clockwise around the circle. Then every now and again pause and restart the music.

The idea of the game being, that while the music is playing the balloon continues to be passed from player to player, but when the music stops the lady who’s holding the balloon at the time, is ‘out’, and so passes the balloon to the lady on her left, and then sits down in the nearest available chair. The last lady to be left standing is declared the winner of the game and is awarded a prize.

Favorite ideas for prizes, include a gift card, a tin of cookies, a box of chocolates, and a small homemade gift basket. Giving a prize that relates to your theme is a nice suggestion too. if you’re throwing a kitchen themed bridal shower for example, some cute salt and pepper shakers, would make a nice little gift.

In addition you could of course substitute the balloon with something of your choice, maybe something that ties in with your theme. For a honeymoon or a beach themed wedding shower for instance a beach ball would be a great pick. Also Pass the Bouquet is another popular version of this fun activity and would be just perfect for a garden themed party. The bouquet of flowers would make a lovely prize too.

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