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The Price Is Right Guessing Game

To play this popular wedding shower game you will need to buy some household items, however these items could also make a great gift for the bride to be when arranged in a basket, bucket, or bowl, or another suitable container,

Price Is Right Bridal Shower Game

Purchase ten household items such as cleaners, polishes, detergents, soaps, cloths etc. Alternatively you could make a list of these items with the correct price, although it is more interesting if the items are on show. The guests have to guess what the total price is of all these items and write this down on a notepad.

This game could be particularly suitable for the Room of the House or the Kitchen theme showers. The person who gets nearest to the correct total is the winner.
You could also extend the game by having people guess the cost of individual items or pairs of items. This game can be played by the guests individually or in teams.

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