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Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game

To play this popular shower game, before the party you’ll need to buy some cheap toilet rolls, and some paper clips.

Some hostess’s like to also provide players with tape, and a few decorative items too. Feathers and ribbons for example can make a really fun addition.

How to Play

1. Divide guests into teams of three or more.

2. Give each group three toilet rolls, and some paper clips.

3. Ask each team to pick a model from their group.

4. Then tell everyone, they have ten minutes or so to create – on their model – a wedding dress, and veil made from toilet paper.

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5. The bride then chooses her favorite paper wedding dress design; and awards a small prize to each member of the winning team.

Hostess’ tip: Don’t forget to take some photos of the finished paper wedding gowns – they’re sure to make the bride smile. And they’ll be a fun reminder of her bridal shower too!

Other Points To Think About

Although the usual idea is for the ‘wedding dresses’ to be funny, if you want them to be even more beautiful, you can allow the teams more time and perhaps give them some paper kitchen towel or scotch tape.

It is preferable if each team can be out of sight of the other, perhaps in separate rooms.

It can be a great ideas to hold a fashion parade to show off the dresses before the bride judges them.

So again, the basic idea again is:

The guests are divided in to teams of three to five. One of the guests from each team will act as a model for the gown. Each team is given three rolls of toilet paper and five paper clips.
They then have five minutes to design and create a wedding gown and veil.

After a set amount of time the teams come back into the main room, to be inspected by the real bride who will judge which is the best wedding dress.

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