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Rhyming Slang Word Game

Here are a few traditional examples of London Cockney rhyming slang which can form the basis of a fun shower game~

Rosie Lee
Trouble & Strife
Frog & toad
North & South
Gregory Peck
I suppose


More recent additions are ~
  Bill Murray        
  Britney Spears       


Rhyming Slang Bridal Shower Game

Ask your ‘mates’ to guess the meaning of each of these slang phrases.   If they have difficulty in reaching an answer, then put the phrase in a sentence. They may well come up with some very interesting answers.
Add more clues until someone gives the correct answer.


There are several internet English cockney rhyming slang dictionaries where you can find more slang phrase ideas for a shower game; including  ,  &

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