Bridal Shower Bingo Printable Cards

Printable Bingo Cards

  • Here is a set of free printable bridal shower bingo cards

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    Template Blank Card

    You can print out these cards (for your personal use only) to use for a shower which you are throwing. The numbered cards have bridal related words already printed on them and a blank bingo card template is also included, in case you wish to make any of your own.

    Now you'll need the printable set of Words for the Bingo Caller to use. This is list of all of the words which we have used on the bingo cards. Just cut these sheets up into squares for the bingo caller to pull out of a hat or bag at random.

    Bingo Words List #1
    Bingo Words List #2.

    Free bridal shower bingo to print.

    Visit the list of free Games for the bridal shower by going to our main page, where you can find more activities to keep all those attending the event entertained. Also be sure take a look at the party Themes section for good hosting ideas.

    Any hostess will want the shower to be a success for the bride and all those invited, and the easiest way to do that is to include some games for them to play. These printable bridal shower bingo cards are a great way to organize a fun activity for everyone and they are free for you to print out for an event that you are hosing for a friend or relative.

    Don't forget to arrange for some prizes for the winners of the bingo game as it should add some excitement to the event and give the winning contestant an extra keepsake of the event.

    Guests will have a great time and get to know each other while the game is being played. So just visit the pages with the bingo cards on and print them out from your browser. There are also sheets of the words that we have used on the printable bingo cards and they can be used by you, as the bingo caller. You can cut them into squares ahead of time and select them at random during the game so that you can call them out to the players.

    Also check out our Wedding Word shower game to print and amuse everyone. See the link to this and other free games on the main page. You will find a selection of wedding shower and party fun ideas with details for the great event here.