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Edible Centerpieces

Edible centerpieces not only look great, because they can sometimes contribute to the menu, or do double duty as party favors, they can save you money too; which is of course especially helpful if you’re a bridal shower hostess on a small budget. There are lots of options for edible centerpieces that are really simple to put together, here are just a few of our favorites.

Perfect for a bridal shower – as well as for many other special events – a candy centerpiece not only makes a fun table decoration, it’s sure to be a big hit with your guests too! Sweet treats might be displayed in a pretty candy dish, a jar, or perhaps in something a little more unusual. Choosing candy in colors that coordinate with your shower theme, or the wedding colors, is a good suggestion too.

All kinds of edible favors, like mini jars of jam or honey, and small boxes of candy, can make an inviting centerpiece. But don’t forget to put a little sign next to your arrangement asking your guests to ‘please take one’; and if needed to provide them with some small bags to take their goodies home in.

Just by arranging some seasonal fruit in a container of your choice, and perhaps adding some nuts, or leaves, you can make a deliciously easy table decoration. And, if you have a fruit tree, or a fruit bush, growing in your garden, this may be a cheap centerpiece idea too. Incidentally a wooden bowl, a basket, a compote, or a glass cylinder vase, are just a few of the containers that can work really well.

And remember, that some centerpiece display items can do double duty as gifts too!

In addition, if you have a lovely centerpiece for the bridal shower table then you will have a simple start to building the atmosphere of the party. Also if you choose a suitable centerpiece for the food table, then you’ll have a great basis for creating a fantastic party.

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