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Branch Table Centerpieces

An arrangement of branches and twigs, can make a stunning centerpiece for a bridal shower. And, if you have trees and shrubs in your backyard, have a friend or a relative who has some in their garden, or you live in the country – this might be a cheap centerpiece idea too.

The branches and twigs you choose for your arrangement, could be flowering branches of quince or forsythia, or maybe cherry blossom, dogwood, mock orange, apple blossom, or twisted willow. But don’t forget, if you intend to decorate the branches, your boughs will need to be fairly sturdy.

Once you’ve gathered some branches and twigs, it’s easy to create a gorgeous table decoration. You just need to trim, and then to arrange them in a vase or a pitcher – making sure that it is heavy and large enough to easily support the branches. If however you would like to decorate your branches, there are many popular options. Including, making and attaching some pretty crepe or tissue paper blossoms, decorating branches with mini ornaments, or small favors, as well as adorning boughs with sparkling crystal droplets hung from loops of silver thread. Other contemporary ideas encompass, hanging LED tea-lights in holders from manzanita branches, and spray painting branches.

Picking decorations to carry through a theme is a popular idea too. For a ‘kitchen Bridal Shower’, for example, tying small kitchen items to branches can make a really fun centerpiece. And for a ‘Christmas shower’, baubles hung from boughs can look very festive.

Another nice suggestion is for the shower hostess to buy, or to make, some hanging gift tags. Then, before tying to branches, each guest is given a gift tag and asked to write down a thoughtful sentiment for the bride-to-be. Their heartfelt and heedful words might include, love, compromise, care, forever, happiness, patience, listen, share, good health, and count your blessings. These gift tags are keepsakes that a bride will surely cherish.

Incidentally, don’t forget if you are unable to obtain branches for free, you can always buy them from a supermarket, florist, or a market.

Bridal Shower Centerpieces

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