How to make towel wedding cakes

Make a towel cake - continued

Step 4 - Secure the coil by pushing bead headed straight pins into the end. Alternatively use large safety pins - we found diaper pins work quite well.

Step 5 - Now repeat the above process from step 1 with the hand towels and then the washcloths. Though for these you won't need to overlap the ends quite so much.

Step 6 - Next, with the neater folded edges facing upwards, position the coiled towels so that they look like 3 separate tiers of a wedding cake (If necessary tap the 'cakes' lightly to neaten).

How to make

Make the event extra memorable for the bride by creating a tiered towel cake especially for her celebration table decoration. Should you choose to provide a shower towel cental decoration by making use of our step by step instructions then you can design an unusual decoration. The ideas list a group of of additions which you might like to utilize as adornments for the centerpiece which include with ribbons or silk roses.

It really isn't very difficult to make your own towel cake and it also makes good use of a gift which the future couple will appreciate as well as find useful. Even if you are someone who is not particularly creative or talented with your hands you will still find it rather easy to create a certainly stylish towel wedding cakes. Most 'cakes' will be of the standard white but that you can naturally decide upon towels that are of any color to suit your preference or the theme.

The towel cake shower centerpieces could very well be constructed out of just two packs of towels or by making use of extra if you want it to be particularly ornate. They are easy to make, so be sure to browse around here. You will find a selection of pre-wedding party ideas with details to help you create a successful celebration for the bride here, in addition to the various centerpiece making instructions.

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