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How to make a towel cake - continued

Step 7 - Then measure the height of each tier, and add the numbers together.

Step 8 - Now cut a piece of dowel or a straight stick a little longer than this measurement.

Step 9 - Then, keeping the pinned edges at the back of the wedding towel cake, thread the dowel through the center of the tier of coiled bath towels. Then through the center of the coiled hand towel tier, followed by the washcloth tier.

Step 10 - Finally place the 'wedding cake' on a cake board or tray.

How to make a table decoration

Follow the step in this guide and you should find it easy to create a towel cake at an affordable cost.

Anyone looking for some helpful info on making a centerpiece for a bridal shower should have a look at the pages in this section. Don't spend a large amount of cash on a store bought shower towel cake, as is it is easy to create a budget towel centerpiece on your own. In addition you can of course choose any color for the accents but the most best colors would be delicate rose, blue, gold or silver and so on.

When considering adding a wonderful final touch to the event then one of the central decorations should be the perfect thing for you to produce. It could very well be of recent or a more conservative look, subject to the taste of the bride or the basic atmosphere of the event.

So make sure that you have a look around and you are going to find steps to beautify a shower towel cake to make it really suitable for the bride when you have a good look around right here. You will also see a fine selection of party hosting info with details to show you how to create a successful celebration for the future bride, in addition to the easy centerpiece making steps.

Remember that the information & articles on this site are only general suggestions and you should always consult with the other people involved with the shower to be sure that everything is successful. Online book stores should give more detailed info than can be shown on a website.