Bridal shower towel cake decoration ideas

Bridal Shower
Towel Cakes

To decorate your cake:

1. First wrap ribbon around each tier, knotting or tying the ribbon into bows at the back - where the pins are.

2. Then, attaching the item to the protruding piece of doweling, top the cake with some pretty silk flowers or something of your choice.

3. Adorn the cake by tucking small soaps, or other mini bath products, into the towel folds.

4. If you wish you could also tie little wedding themed charms - such as hearts, horseshoes, wedding rings or bells - to the ribbons, or attach tiny bathroom themed dolls house accessories.

P.S. Remember to tell the bride-to-be that pins were used in the making of her bridal shower towel cake, so to take care when unraveling.

How To Make Towel Wedding Cakes

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