Making Bridal Shower Favors: Flower Bulbs

Bulb Bridal Shower Favors

Bulbs such as freesias, hyacinths, grape hyacinths, crocuses, begonias, paperwhites, snowdrops and bluebells make lovely party favor gifts; and when they bloom are a nice reminder of a fun shower party.

Depending on their size you might like to give your party guests one or more bulbs. Here's a few ideas on how to present them:

1. Wrap in two circles of tulle then tie just above the bulbs with ribbon, raffia or twine.

2. Present your bulbs in pretty drawstring organza favor bags.

3. Put the bulbs In favor boxes; then decorate with pretty narrow ribbons and/or silk flowers.

4. Pop the bulbs into small terracotta flowerpots, cover with their matching saucers - turned upside down - then tie together with cord or twine.

5. Arrange bulbs in favor baskets then tie ribbons to the handles.

After 'wrapping' your chosen bulbs don't forget to attach your favor tags. These are generally very affordable to buy but if you have the time you might like to think about making these yourself.

And remember that simply by cutting homemade tags from cardstock into shapes, embellishing with rubber stamps or stickers - attaching little favor charms such as flowers, umbrellas, wishing wells or watering cans, or choosing matching ribbons, tulle or favor bags, it's easy to tie bulb party favors to a bridal shower theme or to the colors of a wedding. Bulbs too, like calla lilies or tulips, might be chosen to match the wedding flowers.

Have a great shower party!

Favors for the guests

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